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At Northern Tropics, we grow cool, unusual and fun plants you can't find at "normal" places.

And we do this in a sustainable manner, using fewer sprays and chemicals   



With today's high gas and food prices, you might be spending more time at home, and wanting to watch your budget more than ever before.

Plant some interesting plants to make your patio or pool area more fun and enjoyable!

Plant some delicious gourmet tomatoes and peppers in your garden, or in a pot on your patio---save $$$, get great food, exercise, and fresh air at the same time.

You can't get any more local and fresh than your patio or back yard!!!

Visit our greenhouse to purchase plants to make your little corner of paradise more beautiful and fun...  1501 East Fuson Road, Muncie, IN 47302

Check out our informative guides and information links below, with recipes, banana care instructions, onion and leek growing instructions and picture links 

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What will we have in 2015? Many things are happening here seasonally at Northern Tropics....scroll down to see our tomato, pepper, and hot pepper selections...We also had a great selection of super cascade, double, and wave petunias, over 36 colors!...our Igloo mums, available beginning in late August, will amaze you--they are the mums that REALLY do come back, even if planted in the fall...not like those other "hardy" mums...


Hot Pepper list below


Carolina Reaper-new 2014 world record $3.00 each  2/$5 single pots 1,500,000+     

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T strain-world’s hottest pepper 2012&2013-1,400,000 $2.00 each 3/$5 single pots only

Bhut Jolokia red (ghost pepper, hottest 2011) 1,000,000  $2 each 3/$5 single pots only

Bhut Jolokia chocolate (chocolate ghost pepper) 1,000,000  $2 each 3/$5 single pots only

Bhut Jolokia yellow (yellow ghost pepper) 1,000,000 $2 each 3/$5 single pots only

Bhut Jolokia White (white ghost pepper) 1,000,000 $2 each 3/$5 single pots only

Trinidad Scorpion Yellow Cardi NEW! $1.00 each single pots only 300,000-800,000

Habanero White bullet 200,000-300,000

Scotch Bonnet Jamaican Yellow (green to yellow) 100,000-300,000

Scotch Bonnet Red (green to red) 100,000-300,000

Habanero Red 100,000-300,000

Habanero Chocolate 100,000-300,000

 Habanero Orange 100,000-300,000

Thai Hot (green to red) very small, very hot, short plants good for pots 50,000-100,000

Goat Horn Thai 3” long 50,000-100,000

Tricolor Variegata (ornamental and very hot for cooking, purple to red) 50,000-75,000

Indian Jwala (green to red) also called finger hot 50,000-100,000

Cayenne El Hombre F2, (green to red) great for drying, red pepper flakes 30,000-50,000

Guam Boonie pepper, (green to red)  seed from Guam, rare plants can be grown into a tree 20,000-70,000


Red Peter Pepper, really fun shape! (green to red) 20,000-50,000

Aji Limon (small yellow, citrusy) shaped like a yellow tabasco DELICIOUS 5,000-8,000 awesome in salsa!

Tabasco (green to red) 5,000-10,000

Bishops Crown (green to red), funny balloon shaped 5,000-15,000


Bulgarian Carrot, (green to orange) 3" long, tasty  10,000-30,000

 Serrano (green to red) 10,000-23,000 one of the best for salsa!


*Jalapeno Ixtapa Hybrid, hotter 7,000 scovilles, large


Jalapeno M hotter and larger 5,000-7,000 scovilles

Jalapeno, Early (green to red) 4,000-7,000


*Compadre Jalapeno (green to red) large size pepper, normal heat level 5,000-6,000

*Chichimecca jalapeno (green to red) slightly milder, larger 4,000-6,000


Jalapeno purple (purple to red) back by demand 3,000-5,000 scovilles

Hungarian Hot Wax (Hot Banana) (yellow to red) 5,000-10,000

*Inferno Hybrid Hot Hungarian Wax (yellow to red) 5,000-10,000

Big Jim Hybrid, anaheim chile (green to red) 500-2000 great in salsa or grilled!

 Red Hot Cherry, aka cherry bomb 1,000-3,000

*Tiburon Ancho Hybrid (green to brownish red) 1,000-2,000

Ancho Mulato Island (green to brownish red) 1,000-2,000


Chimayo (Green to red) 4" very early pepper, mild great in salsa or grilled1,000-2,000

Tam Mild Jalapeno (green to red) very mild, very little heat, large 1,000-500

Pasilla Bajo (very mild mex. cooking pepper-very slightly hot) 500-2,000

Pepperoncini Italian -like in the pizza boxes only greener and tastier 500

Pepperoncini Greek Golden- like in the pizza boxes 500


Brazilian Starfish 0-500 awesome pickled green like a pepperoncini, great flavor, cutest pepper we sell!



Tomato List 2015  

Tomato list for 2015          *ones with * add +$.25 per plant, Market selections, high seed cost*


Red to pink large fruited


Better Boy hybrid

Big Boy hybrid                                                                                                    Bocek Italian

Old Fashioned Early Girl hybrid                                                                       Jet Star hybrid

Bush Early girl II hybrid,new version shorter plants                                       Amish Paste

Celebrity hybrid                                                                                                   Arkansas Traveler

Depps Pink                                                                                                            Thessaloniki

Red Stuffer                                                                                                             Trip L crop Italian tree

Siberia                                                                                                                    furry red boar

Sausage                                                                                                                 German Giant Pink

San Marzano                                                                                                       Aussie

Rutgers                                                                                                                  *Pik Rite hybrid+*

Roma                                                                                                                     Rose De Berne Pink

                                                                                                                               *Mountain Pride hybrid

Omars Lebanese                                                                                                  Mexico

Mortgage Lifter

Hendersons Wins all

German Johnson Pink


Depps Pink




Small fruited (cherry and Grape) red to pink


Hanging Basket                                                                   Red Grape, Sugar Plum                                                                              

Rosalita Pink Grape                                                            Amish Salad        

Large Red Cherry                                                                Reisetomate        

Stupice                                                                                   Red Star                                               

Pink Peach   

Rose Quartz pink cherry                                                      Juliet


 Yellow to orange Large-medium Fruited


Golden Jubilee                                                                                      Pineapple

Kelloggs Breakfast                                                                              Amana Orange

Jumbo Jim Orange                                                                              Yellow Giant Belgium

Pork Chop                                                                                             Plum Lemon

Aladdin’s Lamp                                                                                   Lemon Boy Hybrid.

Yellow Brandywine                                                                             Banana Legs




Small Fruited Yellow to Orange to white


Ildi yellow grape                                                                                  Yellow cherry blondkopfchen

Yellow Pear                                                                                           Snow White Cherry

Garden Peach                                                                                       Golden Honey Bunches   

 Autumn's striped                                                                                * Sungold*               


Large Bicolored or Striped


Old German Bicolor

Pineapple                                                                                              Mary Robinsons Bicolor

Mr Stripey                                                                                             Hillbilly

Furry Red Boar                                                                   




Large Purple to Brown to Black


Russian Chocolate                                                                              Cherokee Chocolate

Cherokee Purple                                                                                 Black Krim

Black Sea Man                                                                                    Southern Night

Black Brandywine                                                                              Indian Stripe

Prudens Purple                                                                                    Noire Charbonneuse

Carbon                                                                                                  OSU Blue

Ananas noire                                                                                        Purple Calabash



Small black, brown, purple


Black Cherry                                                                                        Brown Berry

Black zebra                                                                                          Evans Purple pear

Black Prince                                                                                         Turks nuts

Black Maori Grape


Large Green when Ripe


Aunt Ruby’s German Green                                                              Emerald Evergreen

Green Giant                                                                                          Harvard Square

Cherokee Green                                                                  



Small green when ripe


Aunt Ruby’s German Cherry                                                            Green Grape

Green Zebra


Large White


White Queen                                                                                         White Beauty

White Wonder                                                                                      Great White Beefsteak






Silvery Fir tree- lacy foliage                                                               Stick-pom pom leaves

Angora-fuzzy red cherry                                                                    pink peach-fuzzy pink salad

Garden peach-fuzzy apricot                                                               Osu Blue-inky purple and red

Plum Lemon-lemon shape                                                                  Berkeley Tie dye heart-striped

Variegated-striped leaf                                                                       Striped Stuffer-hollow 4 salads

Reisetomate -Pull-apart cherry                                                          Yellow Out Red IN-salad sized

 Red Stuffer- Red stuffing tomato




Pepper List 2015                *market selections add + $.25 per plant for seed costs, market growers choices*


$.75 cents each, $1.90 per 4 pack,  $19.00 per flat (additional $.25 each for market selections will be added, if they are selected, those hae a * on the list and a blue tag)



Yolo wonder -improved larger red faster California wonder

California wonder

Keystone Resistant Giant

King Arthur

*Big Early



Sweet red cherry

*Carmen, hybrid Italian bullhorn type

Alma paprika, dry and grind for paprika, round bell shaped

Pimento L




Golden California wonder

*Early Sunsation

Sweet banana, these are yellow and will turn red

*Ethem hybrid sweet banana, these are yellow and will turn red

Cubanelle, these are yellow green and will turn red


*Key West, hybrid cubanelle, green to red

Jackpot f2 same variety I got the world record with, saved seeds



Chocolate beauty bell



Orange Sun bell



*Diamond white bell



Purple beauty bell



Mini sweet snack pepper mix, mix of orange, yellow, red, like those sold in stores in the little clamshell containers!

Carmen, hybrid Italian bullhorn type, green to red

Cubanelle, lime green to red

Sweet Banana, yellow to red

*+Ethem hybrid sweet banana, yellow to red

Sweet Red Cherry, round for stuffing or pickling, green to red 1.5-2” across

Alma paprika, dry and grind for paprika, round bell shaped, green to red

Fruit basket, small plants good for pots, sweet orange mini bells, semi-trailing plant










This year, flats are $19 (12 four packs of different or same varieties), four packs of the same variety are $1.90 each, single plants are $.75 each, and market selections (with a * on the list )are add $.25 per plant to the before mentioned prices.


Igloo mums in the following colors will be available in August 2015, in large 3 gallon pots, $9 each, 5/$40

Rosy Igloo (bronze)

Frosty White

Fireworks Pink spider mum, still an igloo mum

Cool Purple

Sunny Yellow

NEW for 2014 we'll have Igloo Pumpkin! an orange daisy mum



  • Hart's Garden Seeds, available beginning Mar. 2015!
  • GreenClean Algaecide for fish ponds 
  • AgTabs Aquatic Plant Fertilizers
  • Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew Concentrate
  • Bell Aquaculture Fresh Fish Emulsion fertilizer (organic) made in Redkey, IN!  
  • Hardy Waterlilies
  • Water hyacinths and water lettuce 
  • Marginal pond plants, hardy and tropical 
  • Heirloom and Hybrid tomato plants
  • Heirloom and Hybrid hot or sweet pepper plants
  •  EXPANDED SELECTION of Vegetable plants, including our new "Market Selections"
  • Hanging baskets, unusual plants, houseplants 
  • Onion Sets and Onion Plants
  • Promix and Baccto Potting Soil
  • NEW!! Baccto Compost and Manure mix to fix up your garden soil and flowerbeds the natural way!
  • Tomato cages and seedstarting supplies  
  • Our Produce stand, open 24/7 seasonally 
  • Fall Decorations, pumpkins, gourds and Mums
  • Gift Certificates, perfect for anyone on your list!


Fun and unusual plants like Daturas, tropical bananas, hardy bananas, alocasias, hardy Hibiscus plants, mums and perennials, hostas, and other cool and unusual surprises...check back, or even better yet--stop in and check things out!!!!We now have elephant ears that come back, and you don't have to bring them in.

Don't forget to come and see our GIANT Alocasia Calidora and our huge Bananas!






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